About Us


Peter Tait is the founder and owner of Home Proud Painters with many years’ experience in project management. There is a strong emphasis on customer needs, root cause solutions and quality, cost effective processes. Peter has attended many courses from leading paint and specialised product manufacturers.
Extensive research is done on products and their durability. Controlled tests are performed on new products against established brands on both interior/exterior surfaces and a variety of substrates to test durability and weathering properties. New products are regularly validated with independent industry chemists.
Peter started in Cape Town in 2007 when he realised that the painting/restoration industry needed a more professional and personal approach.The business operates with the utmost integrity in all respects and is an extension of Peter’s corporate track record. He spent most of his life in Cape Town in senior managerial positions specialising in project management and customer service.

The focus is on middle to upmarket residential homes using a highly skilled team. All sites are personally snagged by Peter and/or his project manager. The client is also afforded ample opportunity to do so during and/or after the project. Regular feedback is given to the client and any “extras” are referred for approval.
Home Proud complies with all statutory, public liability cover, workmen’s compensation etc. Not employing casuals creates a family team with pride in their work. Staff are well looked after to maintain a loyal and happy workforce willing to go the extra mile and ensuring a pleasant customer experience.