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Our forte is painting and restoring/renovating. Our team has extensive skill sets and do waterproofing, woodwork repairs – fitting doors, ceiling repairs, glazing etc. We do however focus on our “core services” and do not take on tasks beyond our expertise. We prefer to refer you to our network of reputable specialist contractors that we project manage without any additional costs to the client.

Painting and Renovation

We only use quality branded products i.e. Sika, Plascon, Dulux, Midas, WeatherPrufe, Mendall 90, Dow Corning etc. Extensive use is made of quality fillers, polyurethane sealants, epoxies and special primers/paints. Quotations specify brand of materials and paints.

Project processes

Interior processes are very detailed – new drop sheets/covers on each site, special coverings for chandeliers/furniture etc. Locks, fittings, plug switches etc. are covered /cleaned/removed to ensure a quality finish and neat profiles. Specialist cleaners used when needed.


This takes up 50% or more of labour time depending on the state of the substrate. The amount of labour time spent on preparation is between 40% to 60% depending on the state of the substrate. Cottage windows and palisades in particular need special attention.

Colour/Tint Formulation

All codes stored for future reference, touch up paint provided and free “brush outs” done. Sample colours AND finish paints are applied to surfaces as different paint types, substrate texture, profiles, shadows etc influence colour selection. Colour choice is paramount as this will be the client’s new home for years to come.

Site management

Every site is unique and the workforce is briefed on client’s specific needs such as pets, security, access control, plants, valued/special items, ablutions, storage and cleaning facilities. All rubble and waste materials removed from site daily. Key processes signed off by owner or project manager and team leader.

We moisture test all substrate i.e. plaster, wood (damp/green) etc to ensure reading is not below 14% before applying any coatings. This allows us to identify/address the root cause.